Best Bet: The Bold and the Beautiful

Fatal by Illamasqua.

Beauty fans worldwide have long been addicted to Illamasqua products, calling it M.A.C. Cosmetics' biggest competition, but American addicts were forced to buy the British beauty brand online. But not anymore — Illamasqua has sailed over to our shores, bringing its eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish, and glosses to Sephora stores nationwide. Count on Illamasqua for its bold, saturated pigments, which are especially vibrant in the powder shadows, seen here. The hues encompass almost every shade of the rainbow in both matte and shimmer variations, from Bloom (pale yellow) to Victim (deep turquoise) to Fatal (violet, pictured). And with so many Crayola-like colors to choose from, it's important to commit to the right one. Which is why we're grateful that we have the option to test them before we buy any new swatches ... and that Sephora also stocks plenty of makeup remover.

$20 each at Click here for locations and hours.