Beyoncé Postpones Malaysian Show, Possibly to Buy Time to Cover Her Lady Lumps


The Malaysian government requires female performers to conceal themselves from the shoulders to the knees onstage. Cleavage is also forbidden. This obviously presents major hurdles for Beyoncé, who wears crotch-skimming, cleavage-enhancing, sparkly sculpted leotards in her current show. So how ever is she to stage a concert in the country's capital? She's postponed her Kuala Lumpur show, perhaps to figure that out. Beyoncé was supposed to perform on October 25, but the company putting on the concert say it has been postponed to a soon-to-be-revealed future date. They would not confirm whether this is because the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party called for the show to be canceled because it would promote "Western sexy performances." This leaves her at least six days to come up with new costumes and a new method of intrigue (it's much easier to go home early when you're not worried about the strength and security of her bustier cups). The obvious solution: more glitter.

Beyonce delays Malaysia show amid Muslim criticism [AP]