Beyoncé and Lady Gaga Are Selflessly Giving Themselves to One Another


Beyoncé's collaboration with Lady Gaga on her next video for the single "Video Phone" — while amazing-sounding beyond human comprehension — presents a major problem. How do the divas share the stage as equals? Or more fairly, how does Lady Gaga restrain herself enough so that she is the fame monster that she is yet also takes a supportive role at Beyoncé's side? The collaboration was born out of their mutual respect and love for one another, and now, apparently, Lady Gaga is becoming one with Beyoncé's wardrobe preferences. In the video, she channels Sasha Fierce's style with "a white strapless leotard, matching opera gloves, and long, flowing hair," according to People.

“When I was doing her video with her, she called me, and she said, ‘What do you want to do?’” Gaga revealed in an interview with New York’s Z100 radio station on Tuesday morning. “And I’m like, ‘I don’t want to show up in some frickin’ hair bow and be fashion Gaga in your video.’ I said, ‘I want to do you.’” In the same interview, Gaga said she just wanted to “do my version of Beyoncé, so the whole time I was learning the choreography they were calling me Gee-yoncé.”

But while Gaga scratches Beyoncé's back (or lets her know when her thong is showing through her leotard — however it is that divas express solidarity), Beyoncé could be taking style tips from Gaga, too. Grazia reports that Beyoncé has expressed interest in meeting with one of the hottest up-and-coming designers of the moment, David Koma. Lady Gaga recently wore a Koma creation in the random Internet fashion video she shot for Dazed Digital. So maybe she tipped Beyoncé off to his genius when they were brushing each other's hair one day (or while figuring out how to affix avant-garde nostril zippers to their faces — whatever it is divas do together when they talk about boys).

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