Christian Louboutin Turned Down an H&M Diffusion Line


Christian Louboutin appeared at Bergdorf Goodman today to autograph his famous red soles. We pushed to the front to ask His Loubness if he'd ever do a line for a more affordable store, like H&M, which is about to launch a one-off Jimmy Choo collection. "They proposed me to do the diffusion line and I declined," he told us. "Not that I don't think it's an interesting idea, but it's a lot of work really, so it's just difficult for me to do it." Would he ever do one in the future? "No." It's not like he needs to — the way women were lining up to get their pumps signed, you'd think Bergdorf was giving them away.

But Louboutin also designs shoes for men. And today he wore his leopard-spotted men's high-tops. "I do like classical shoes, in reality, for men," he said. "What's funny enough is I saw a lot of people looking at the shoes thinking, well I never thought I would wear that, but it looks good. And then the same guy goes and buys them. So funny enough, it doesn't seem to me that special to have this sort of printed shoe." Hear that, men? Fuzzy leopard high-tops are totally normal.