Dear Celebrities Who Wear Over-the-Knee Boots: Gossip Magazines Are Ready to Pounce on Any and All ‘Thigh Spillage’

The nerve of people who have flesh. The NERVE.

Celebrity magazines love talking about fat (since, you know, celebrities aren't allowed to have any), and British rag Grazia has found a new fashionable region to focus on: the thighs. They think the celebrities you see here — Blake Lively, Audrina Patridge, and Lady Gaga — are guilty of "thigh spillage," or muffin top of the thigh created by wearing over-the-knee boots that are too tight. We don't know what they're talking about, because everyone's thigh fat looks nicely restrained, rather than puckered, in these photos. But Grazia's post got us thinking: What is the thigh version of a muffin top? We're going with "popover thigh," but we're open to more suggestions.

Thigh spillage! [Grazia UK]