Don’t You Know? The Yankees Are Winning Because of Their Necklaces!

Nick Swisher.

The Yankees just won the division series, but have you put down your Vogue, given pause, and asked why? If not, the Moment has done that for you and concluded that Phiten necklaces must have something to do with the team's success. Apparently players Joba Chamberlain, Nick Swisher, and Robinson Cano all wear the necklaces; they're made from braided strands of nylon and polyester and contain titanium, which supposedly "permits a greater flow of the energy in the body." So these necklaces are like the Kabbalah bracelets of baseball (is it no wonder A-Rod doesn't wear one?). We're all for positive energy flow and winning games and kumbaya and all of that, but we'll just come out and say it: These necklaces are ugly. And the more the Yankees wear them, the more Yankees fans — men out there in the dating pool — are likely to wear them. And little ropes like that have no business around anyone's neck unless it is 1989 and they are holding a pair of glasses. Even then, they're questionable.

Outwearing the Competition | Yankee Dandies [Moment via HuffPo]