Fashion’s Night Out Returneth!


Good news! Fashion's Night Out will happen again next year, after what has been deemed a positive enough response to Anna Wintour and Mayor Bloomberg's first shopping-stimulus initiative held on the first day of Fashion Week last month. From the press release announcing the sequel:

“We were absolutely bowled over by the response to Fashion’s Night Out. It was only fifteen minutes after the event began and we were getting reports about lines around the block at stores throughout the city,” said Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour. “It was wonderful to see people embrace this initiative, and we are thrilled that they wish it to return.”

Of course we wish it to return. Nothing beats a night of free booze and food and random appearances by celebrities doing even more random things. Fashion has long deserved a Mardi Gras, and blessed are Vogue and Mayor Bloomberg for inadvertently bringing it to us. Next year maybe they can incorporate a parade, including Anna sitting on a float with flag dancers trailing behind her.