Hey, Men, Miuccia Prada Wants You to Dress Like Women

Prada, spring 2009.

"I’m working on [a men’s collection] right now and someone at the office worriedly asked me, ‘You’re not going to make short skirts again, are you?’" Miuccia Prada reveals in the latest issue of Purple. “So I’m now pushing it even further, just for revenge!” Fashion, after all, does not have to be a one-way road. "Menswear should take cues from womenswear, and not just the other way around," she adds. "Menswear is so limited so I’m free with my ideas. Otherwise I’d die of boredom." Ooh, can she put the boys in some disco chandelier dresses, then? You know, Gentlemen Gagas? Thanks. [BlackBook]