John Galliano’s Last-Minute Facials; Obama’s Barber on Presidential Gray Hair

John Galliano's complexion.

John Galliano reportedly preps for his show by getting an oxygen-blast facial from Madonna's facialist. [FWD]

• Body art appeared on the runway again this season (following Rodarte and Jean Paul Gaultier), this time at Chanel, with temporary tattoos of pearls and chains on chests as well as interlocking C's on arms. [Beauty Counter/]

• Barack Obama's barber, Zariff of Hyde Park Hair Salon, invented the $21 Obama Cut for the president before the Democratic National Convention in 2004. On the matter of Obama's grays: "He's not really big on vanity so I don't think he notices that much," Zariff says. [HuffPo]

• When Chris Rock appeared on Oprah's show, he ran his fingers through the host's hair and said it felt "nice." [StyleWatch/People]

• Jean Baptiste Mondino shot Michelle Buswell and Robert Perovich for the new campaign for the Le Male (men's) and Classique (women's) fragrances by Jean Paul Gaultier. [Design Scene]