Lady Gaga Wears Nipple Pasties Outside Her Clothes on Gossip Girl


On November 16, Lady Gaga guest stars on Gossip Girl in an episode titled "The Last Days of Disco Stick." A shot of Gaga on set reveals she wears nipple pasties outside her outfit, which includes a miraculously opaque bra. Apparently, the plot involves Blair getting Gaga to put on a private show. Leighton Meester describes Gaga's appearance as "very avant-garde and kind of gothic." Though we can't see the bottom of her outfit in this picture, People reports that Gaga wears a "30 ft.-long stage dress" — a fantastic way to make up for all those bottoms she hasn't been wearing all these months. She also performs "Bad Romance," which might be how some would describe her nipple-pastie-and-top combo.

FIRST LOOK: Lady Gaga on Gossip Girl [TV Watch/People via Nitro:licious]