Lara Stone to Unseat Madonna for Louis Vuitton?


Rumor has it Madonna's Louis Vuitton reign is coming to an end. Lara Stone is said to have landed the spring 2010 campaign, which Steven Meisel will shoot in New York. What would this mean? First, that Lara Stone may just be the hottest thing since Lourdes did a back bend in the "Celebration" video. Maybe the Vuitton people were nonplussed to see Madonna wearing Balmain in that. Anyway, we'll miss Madonna's blurred, electric, glowing, porcelain face from the fall campaign, but something about Lara is pretty fascinating, too (partly that she thinks she's "fat" — which she isn't by any means, goodness, but that is something to relate to). And at least Madonna gave us Vuitton memories to last a lifetime. Lara Stone has some big shoes to fill. Or at least some pretty crazy ones.