Leigh Lezark Is Glad Kids Have ‘Some Faggots and a Girl’ to Look Up To


Leigh Lezark thinks kids these days are in a pretty good place, stylistically speaking. "I'm glad that a lot of kids — even now with the magazines that have come out — have something different to look up to. Not a tall, five-foot-ten blonde model, whatever," she said at the Gucci Icon-Temporary store opening Friday night. "They can also look up to some faggots and a girl. I think it's great, because I wish I'd had that, and I never did." Still, Lezark, who's worn some eye-catching things to say the least, is humble about her own influence. When we called her a "fashion celebrity," she interrupted with, "Says who?" We countered that her MisShapes party popularized the just-rolled-out-of-bed look. "Those kids were cool, and they didn't have to try too hard." Does Lezark? "I don't just roll out of bed, honey."

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