Lindsay Lohan Seems to Have Borrowed Something From Miley Cyrus for Her New Leggings Ads

Photo: Courtesy of 6126

New collections are walking in Paris as we type, but let's not forget about the breathtaking new fashion breaking ground in this fair land of ours. A new ad for Lindsay Lohan's 6126 leggings line just came out, and if it reveals anything about Emanuel Ungaro's first artistic adviser, it's what we learned earlier this week: Weary from her professional endeavors, she knows not rest. For despite having evidently survived an attack on the side of her leggings by a jungle leopard — who jealously paled in comparison to Lindsay's own spots — Lindsay tethered herself to a pole for safety. And leggings-ad magic was born. If she looks smug, it's because she knows she can do it all. Her Ungaro colleagues must feel so honored to have her aboard in such a senior position.

Lindsay Lohan poses on stripper pole in her brand of 6126 leggings in new ads [NYDN]
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