Lohan Blames Lack of Time for Ungaro Debacle, Denies Complicity in Pasties

Lohan, victim of learning curve?

In the annals of Lindsay Lohan press reactions, the freckled one's semi–mea culpa for her critically pounded Emanuel Ungaro collection with design partner Estrella Archs is actually fairly straightforward and even somewhat reasonable. Seemingly admitting the shortcomings of the half-baked collection, the troubled actress blamed the poor effort on "coming in so late and having not that much time to do a whole collection" in a brief chat with People at yesterday's Victoria’s Secret Velvet launch party in New York. Indeed, old Red was flown in at the last second to rescue the ailing line by owner Asim Abdullah. Lohan's realistic (if somewhat whiny) statement, however, is quite a turnaround from a mere ten days ago when she called the whole episode "pretty much a fairy tale." Guess the blush is off that rose, huh? And on the subject of those much-derided nipple accessories? "I wasn’t aware of the nipple tassels on the girls until they were walking out … I am learning." More and more, the "artistic adviser" is sounding like a first-term student who may or may not soon find herself replaced.

Lindsay Lohan On Her Ungaro Debut: “I Am Learning” [StyleWatch/People]