Naomi Campbell Sued Over Fragrances; James Franco Spoofs His Gucci Commercial

Naomi Campbell.

• Cosmetics company Moodform Mission is suing Naomi Campbell for allegedly not forking over profits she owed them for helping her develop her Cat Deluxe With Kisses and Seductive Elixir fragrances. Campbell denies the charges. [NYDN]

Gucci face James Franco filmed a short web video for Funny or Die in which he spoofs his Gucci by Gucci men's fragrance commercial. He pretends that he doesn't know how to pronounce Gucci. Ha. [SassyBella]

• Lady Gaga plans to get a tattoo of the word "Dad" in honor of her father, who is recovering from recent open-heart surgery. When she told him, he said, "Well, you're running out of real estate, so don't get it too big." She already has eight tats. [Digital Spy]

• Beige eye shadow is the way to go, if you're taking cues from Charlize Theron and Diane Kruger. Less is more. [Girls in the Beauty Department/Glamour]

Yves Saint Laurent's holiday makeup collection is "smoky, vibrant, and elegant." [Beauty Girl Musings]