New Black Barbies Criticized for Straight Hair; Date-Rape-Drug-Detecting Lip Gloss

The new Barbies with straight hair.

• Mattel is getting criticism for its new line of black Barbie dolls. The dolls feature fuller lips, pronounced cheekbones, and wider noses, but the hair is long and straight, which critics say fails to address the issues of black hair. [Telegraph UK]

Naomi Campbell liked the Afros at the Louis Vuitton show. "I love an Afro. I’ve rocked an Afro many a time," she said. [WWD]

• American designers top the best-sellers list of perfumes at Sephora, including Very Hollywood by Michael Kors, Lola by Marc Jacobs, and Perfume Diaries by Bare Escentuals. [Independent UK]

• François Nars is celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of his beauty company by releasing a book named 15x15, which features fifteen famous faces (like Marc Jacobs and Daphne Guinness) in Nars makeup. [My Fashion Life]

• The packaging for the latest lip glosses by 2 Love My Lips ($16 each) contain a card that claims to detect GHB and Ketamine so women can test their drinks for date-rape drugs. The glitches: It doesn't work on drinks with fruit juices, milk, oily liqueurs, or tonic water, and it doesn't detect Rohypnol (roofies). [BellaSugar]

• Neosporin now makes a lip balm. [WWD]

• The nails at the Alexander McQueen show were custom-made by Minx. The Minx team worked twelve-hour days for a week leading up to the show, and matched nails to the fabric patterns, some of which they had to change last-minute when the designs changed. [Allure]