Project Runway Designers Struggle With Idea of ‘Best Looks’

Episode Title
Best of the Best

Have you ever looked in your closet in the morning, searching for an outfit, and thought, Hmmm, today I think I’ll dress like an office worker in Warsaw, Poland? No? Neither have we, but that’s because we have no idea what office workers in Warsaw wear. Nick, however, must, because this week he used it for comparison to Gordana's unfortunate look. But for all we know, they could be a stylish lot, strolling past the Royal Castle (thanks, Wikipedia) in the kind of chic get-ups that win Project Runway challenges. You know, MC Hammer pants and nipple-showing white tank tops. Anyhow! The designers have the challenge to create a compliment piece that “enhances your best look.” They’re all shocked when they turn around to see their winning outfits onstage — ooops, except for Logan, because he never won. We immediately sense some disasters looming. Forty zippers, Logan? Really? Thirty yards of white beddinglike lining, Christopher? You should know better than that. The judges are the usual assortment of randoms, with Nick from season two, who’s now a fashion professor or something, and Kerry Washington, who’s very cute, and actually has the smartest commentary of everyone, including Nina, who’s particularly quiet tonight. Oh, and it must be pointed out (again) that Tim is really the highlight of this steadily decreasing-in-quality show. After squinting at Carol Hannah’s boring minidress, he suggests she liven it up with a different fabric, then says, “You’ve just had a major breakthrough!” as if it were her idea. Tim is the opposite of an underminer! He’s the wind beneath these contestants’ wings; he’s the hero who came along, with the strength to carry on ... when the designers are down and troubled, and they need a helping hand … okay, okay, you get it. Moving along to the runway looks.