Project Runway Designers Struggle to Make Wearable Clothes

Episode Title
The Sky's the Limit

There are certain things in life that are creepily inexplicable. You think about someone, and a second later they call you on the phone. You have a dream about an orange slice, and the next day at work someone offers you an orange. We used to think of these events as mere coincidence — life is so random that odd events are bound to happen. And yet, over the past few days, we’ve come to believe there’s something going on — something larger than ourselves — something menacing, even. First, after recapping The Hills on Wednesday, we sat next to Spencer Pratt at The View yesterday. Which was bizarre enough to scare us out of our typical cynicism. And then, this morning, walking out of our building’s elevator, we bumped into Nicolas from Project Runway! We swear to God. He was walking a teeny dog, and talking to an older woman in that voice of his, and we thought, no, it couldn’t be! But it was. He was even wearing a little newsboy cap. People, we are frightened. Reality stars about whom we write are haunting us. We made fun of Spencer, and there he was sitting beside us. We told Nicolas to shut up, and he appeared in the building in which we live! So if next week we don’t show up to work, you’ll know where we are — kidnapped by the reality-TV death squad that’s stalking us. Call the police! Moving along to the actual recap — it was a boring, product-placement-full week on Project Runway. The designers had to create two different blue looks for the Macy’s line INC., and were paired together to do so. It was interesting to see the designers struggle to make looks “wearable,” as it has been hammered into their heads that their fashions should be anything but. In breaking news, Nicolas hates ruffles (“ruffles make me sick!”), Gordana gets no respect, and Tim is over leggings. Also: Michael Kors is back! Thank God. Herewith, the runway-show results. (And please, contestants, if you’re reading this: Leave me alone!)