Project Runway Designers Get to Use Sequins and Feathers!

Episode Title
Sequins, Feathers and Fur, Oh My!

This week on Project Runway, we had Xtina and Bob Mackie, the combination of which is enough to make a gay man’s head explode — and Nicolas’s almost did. The designers were taken to a “spectacular location” — the museum in FIDM, where they work every day — and Tim greeted them with their surprise guest, the sultan of sequins himself, a meticulously groomed Mackie. It’s possible we’re being a little sexist, here, but isn’t it weird when old men have so much plastic surgery? We’re not saying it looks better on women, but at least we’re used to it on them. Regardless, Mackie is hilarious, telling the designers to “take it to another level, a goddess from some mythological kingdom!” Oh, Bob, you say the darndest things. It’s revealed that the contestants will be designing a stage look for Christina Aguilera, and Nicolas has several conniptions at the thought of making a sparkly, sequiny, feathery creation for such a big star. The remaining designers join in the excessive fun, and we’re treated to gaudy dresses and hot pants galore. We get to see Gordana go insane, Carol Hannah and Logan awkwardly flirt, and Tim say the words “super sexy slut!” which just about made our year. Xtina herself shows up to judge, as does long-lost Nina Garcia. On to the runway looks!