Roberto Cavalli Will Have Mexican Food Wherever and Whenever He Pleases


Anna Wintour isn't the only member of the fashion-industry glitterati who can order whatever she wants at a restaurant, whether it's on the menu or notRoberto Cavalli can, too! Sure, he may be more Italian than sipping Bellinis in the Mediterranean sun on a yacht in a Speedo, but the designer has recently developed an irrepressible craving for Mexican food. Cavalli — who even personally crafted an Italian menu for the restaurant in his nightclub — was lunching alfresco at Serafina the other day with a table of models who were dining on salad and tuna tartare, when he called neighboring restaurant Mañana to order Mexican takeout. Diners who were scarfing pasta were a little surprised to see chicken tostaditas, enchiladas with mole sauce, and guacamole delivered to the table at Serafina. But whatever Roberto wants, Roberto gets, says Vittorio Assaf, who owns both Serafina and Mañana. “Roberto loves his guacamole. Sometimes he comes in alone in the afternoon to sit in the back and order it. At Serafina we let him have the Mexican food delivered, but we don't tell our chef — he would walk out.''