Sarah Palin to Score Beauty Deal? Nina Ricci’s Elizabeth Taylor Hair

Sarah Palin wearing lipstick.

• Sarah Palin's agents are reportedly trying to score the politician a beauty deal by capitalizing on her "lipstick on a pit bull" catchphrase when pitching companies. [Page Six/NYP]

• Blue lashes are as popular as black lashes. "Lashes have become as flirty and fashionable as hairstyles," says Estée Lauder senior vice-president Anne Carullo. [NYT]

• The look at Balmain was natural. “I just wanted the girls to be their gorgeous selves,” hairstylist Sam McKnight said, who simply spritzed hair with water and ran his fingers through it. [WWD]

• Redken's creative consultant Guido Palau was the hairstylist backstage at the Nina Ricci show, where he said the look was "the more Elizabeth Taylor–looking it is, the better!" [Girls in the Beauty Department/Glamour]

• Rachel Zoe is "addicted" to powdering her hair because the process soaks up dirt without having to shampoo. [Bellasugar]