Tamara Mellon Is Suing Her Mom for $9.5 Million

Tamara Mellon.

Tamara Mellon is rarely seen looking anything but cool, taut, and glamorous. But apparently beneath the surface of her Jimmy Choo empire — which is preparing to roll out a much-buzzed-about H&M line — lies turmoil. And that is: Homegirl has a lot of drama with her mom. Mellon is going to court next month in the Channel Islands (random) to testify in the $9.5 million lawsuit she filed against her mother, Ann Yeardye, WWD explains in an article hilariously titled "Mummy Dearest." Mellon accuses Yeardye of breach of contract in the sale of Jimmy Choo to Lion Capital in 2004. Apparently when the deal was made, mother and daughter made a partly verbal, partly written agreement about who would get what money. Mellon was supposed to get only stock and Yeardye was supposed to get only cash. But Yeardye allegedly made off with some of Mellon's stock and refused to return it when the error was discovered. The stock was worth $6.3 million. So, you know. Maybe you fight with your mom about showing too much cleavage at Rosh Hashanah dinner or boys you date or your Slutoween costume. But Tamara and her mom fight over $6.3 million. So sophisticated of them.