Teen Vogue Working on a Secret New TV Show


Teen Vogue editor Amy Astley recently revealed at a talk she gave at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in L.A. that Teen Vogue is working on a new TV show. The magazine has been off the tube since Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port outgrew their fashion closet and moved over to People's Revolution for The Hills, where they finally put their big-girl pants on. Teen Vogue is mum on the project. A spokeswoman told us, "We are just working on new TV ideas at this time," and offered no further details. However, don't expect Astley to figure prominently into the show. "I don’t want to be a media personality," she said. "I’ve seen people laughed off Madison Avenue for taking the reality-star route, it can really backfire." That's why you barely saw her on The Hills. We hope the underling she put on the show in her place wasn't the one laughed off Madison (to where? The dredges of Lex? The soul-sucking hedges of Greenwich?).

Teen Vogue Working on New TV Show [Fashionologie]