Was Ralph Lauren’s Magically Emaciated Model Fired for Being Too Fat?

Hamilton-Palmstierna: Industrially Light and Magical.

Happy birthday, Mr. Lauren! Your marketing team has left quite a present at your doorstep. No doubt you've already seen the mind-bending Blue Label ad featuring the usually wonderfully proportioned Filippa Hamilton-Palmstierna Photoshopped into a magical beast of Steve Madden billboard dimensions (above, left). Turns out that after four years of contract renewals, Hamilton-Palmstierna was let go in April for, according to her, gaining too much weight. Ralph Lauren corporate claims that they let go of the five-foot-eight, 120-pound model "as a result of her inability to meet the obligations under her contract with us." Hamilton-Palmstierna pleaded her case to the Today show (another similar ad from Australia has been making the rounds on various blogs, above right). Is this just a case of ad-studio work gone horribly wrong, an overzealous retoucher getting out of hand? The company has already owned up to the first image and taken responsibility for it, which is more than other places do. The news of Hamilton-Palmstierna's dismissal, however, means more bad press is sure to follow.

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