We Are Dying Over This Blog About Bad Etsy Stuff

Seller boasts it measures "a whopping 16 inches."

Earlier today we pointed you toward the custom-made vagina necklaces you can buy on Etsy, a site where people can sell things they make by hand. Some of it is absolutely wonderful. And some of it is downright horrifying. Such as the "Chicken Poncho or Knitted Wrist Cuff"; "Jack-O's Happy Halloweenie Surprise Pumpkin Necklace - ADULT"; "CORSET jeans CUSTOM made to order SIZES 0JR. to PLUS"; or the "Sexy Vampire Reusable Menstrual Goddess XL/Postpartum Cloth Pad" (pictured). The blog Regretsy compiles these astounding Etsy finds. [Regretsy]