We Sat Next to Spencer Pratt at The View Taping Today


You know you're having a strange day when you end up sitting next to Spencer Pratt on national TV. Let me explain; I attended a taping of The View this morning because I'm writing a profile of Sherri Shepherd for the magazine. A few minutes before the show started, it was announced that the guest host today (replacing Elisabeth Hasselbeck, on maternity leave) would be none other than Heidi Montag, one half of Speidi, whose misadventures I chronicle weekly in my recaps of The Hills. That's funny, I thought to myself, knowing I was attending a show with probable YouTube moments. And then the announcer continued, “And put a hand together for her husband, Spencer Pratt!” Spencie jogged out to applause and plopped down in the empty seat to my right. Eeeek! He and Heidi exchanged meaningful glances, and he made a kissy noise directed at her, which she smiled at. Cute? Whoopi started in on the self-generated rumors about how Heidi wants to have kids and Spencer doesn’t, and the camera cut to Spencer, in a scarf and crystal necklace, to explain his side. I tried unsuccessfully to lean out of the shot, but alas, I was caught. See the video here (scroll to "Hot Topics: Kids for Heidi and Spencer?"). I’m to his right, looking very embarrassed.

So here are some facts about Spencie that you probably don’t want to know, but I will tell you anyway: That necklace he’s wearing is made of crystals, and he wears it to protect himself from evil. He has a 200-pound crystal from Peru in his house, which he had excavated and flown in specially. He’s very proud of it. He laughs very loudly at anything that’s semi-funny.

Those first two tidbits I learned during a break, when he had a conversation with the show’s producer. I didn’t actually speak to Spencer (I know, I know ... but what would I have said? Do you read the mean things I write about you? I’m a big fan?), but I did become intimately acquainted with his ripped-up sweater and the patented “woot woot” that he broke out whenever Heidi said something. In all, it was somewhat disappointing — if anything, he seemed super-encouraging of his wife, who said some not-so-bright things about evolution, her own privacy, and reality TV. But it was fun to get a real, live close-up of his infamous facial hair and beady blue eyes, and I’m glad I have this evidence of our very weird chance encounter. Otherwise, who would believe me?