Wigs Are Back in the Spotlight


Wigs had a big fashion moment for the spring 2009 season, when Martin Margiela sent coats made of wigs down the runway. A wig print recently turned up on the runway at Carlos Diez's show at Cibeles Fashion Week in Madrid. Blogger Susie Bubble writes that one such piece "absolutely NEEDS to be paired with Charlie le Mindu's latest wig creations and downy hair pieces of outerwear." Here you see Carlos Diez's wig outfit paired with a wig from le Mindu's fall collection. The man has also made some phenomenal skirts and tops with hair. And perhaps the most epic nipple tassels known to man. And his spring collection, which you can see in Susie Bubble's post, is even hairier. If this stuff catches on, Chewbacca will finally be on trend.

Hairy Business [Style Bubble UK]