Adam Lippes Had to Apologize to His Interns


Adam Lippes told us recently, "it's rare to find an intern — especially one from a fashion school — that has good style." Last night at RVCA's opening of Nicolas Pol's "Martus Maw" exhibition, the designer revealed that the quote caused a bit of a kerfuffle in his office. "I had so much reverberation. What happened was, first a design assistant told me, then someone else in my business came to say that I should apologize to the interns! I was like, ‘I don’t mean THESE interns!’" he said. "I just meant, like, fashion students." He added that his current interns still seemed skeptical when he attempted to explain this, but then he continued, "Meanwhile, one of them is wearing silver boots up to here and is a guy. ‘Not you! Those boots are great.’ But it was fine." Lippes understands these kids are in a finding-themselves fashion phase. "Hey, everyone who commented on your article thought I looked dressed like shit. And across from the New School, I see how these kids dress — but it’s that time in your life when you should be experimenting, and it’s really a learning process." And, so there is peace in the house of Lippes, he added, "Some of my interns dress fantastically."