American Eagle Can Put Your Face in Times Square; Jodi Arnold Opens First Store

Beth Ditto.

• Hours for the new American Eagle store in Times Square (opening November 19) will be 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. The company is also launching a "15 Seconds of Fame" marketing ploy, where shoppers can submit their picture to appear on the Times Square screen minutes later. [WWD]

• Beth Ditto: "I think that if you look uncomfortable you don't look good and that's something I see in a lot of people, like, running down the street in these awful shoes ... it's like, you don't have any swagger, you look crazy, just wear flats!" [HuffPo]

• Jodi Arnold of Mint by Jodi Arnold opened her first store in Greenwich Village this week. The first lease is only for 56 days, but she's thinking about extending. [WWD]

• Cintra Wilson reviewed the new Tom Binns store this week. She didn't try on a hat she liked because the store manager told her it was $30,000, and she wasn't comfortable with the responsibility. [NYT]

• Angelina Jolie shopped Stella McCartney's Gap collection for her daughter Shiloh. [Radar]

• Rachel Bilson: “New York is more inspiring, I think, than L.A. And you’re definitely closer to the fashion pulse. You see girls walking down the street, and they look amazing. They’re not afraid. No one gives a fuck.” [Fashionista]