Anna Wintour Is on a White House Committee


After all those rumors months ago about Anna Wintour leaving Vogue to take a job in the White House, the president has finally given her a little side gig on the Committee on the Arts and Humanities. The committee consists of 24 others, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Forest Whitaker, Edward Norton, Yo-Yo Ma, and Teresa Heinz Kerry. Anna has been cozying up to the Obamas for a while. She did quite a bit of fund-raising for Obama during the campaign, and put Michelle Obama on the cover of Vogue. She even speaks casually of her "friends" in the White House, like they Gchat constantly or something. The committee is supposed to advise the president "on how to expand the role of arts in society," according to WWD. Michelle Obama is the honorary chair. Anna's picture isn't on the committee's website yet, but maybe she can style a fabulous photo shoot with all members, say, jumping through the air like squirrels on a gray background.