Average Woman Uses 515 Synthetic Chemicals Daily; Eva Mendes Masters Updos

Eva Mendes.

• According to new research from the deodorant company Bionsen, a woman uses 515 different synthetic chemicals on her body each day just from her regular grooming, skin, and makeup routines. [Daily Mail UK]

• A new study says that skin color affects how healthy and attractive people appear. Researchers determined that a rosy, yellowish hue is the target color to appear healthiest. They suggest achieving this with a healthy diet. [Science Daily via Spoiled Pretty]

• Eva Mendes is the master of the updo. Is she leading the pack in glamorous Hollywood hair? [In Style UK]

• The Rahua nut is poised to become the most popular Amazonian beauty ingredient since the açai berry. While the berry is known for its antioxidant powers, the Rahua is known for restorative oils, especially for hair. [Beauty Counter/Style.com]

• Would you use a face cream that contains an ingredient "derived in a European lab using proteins from the skin of a human fetus that was aborted"? [Girls in the Beauty Department/Glamour]

• Nubar is releasing a new collection in January named Prism, which promises to include holographic glitter in each of its eight new colors. An early test shows that they go on smooth, unlike many glitter nail polishes. [Beauty Xpose]