Best Bet: Moisturize It Old-school


Spa escapes are important for a bit of pampering and relaxation, but the new Eight Body Moisture line leaves skin so supple, it makes the spa a luxury and not a necessity. The formula was created back in 1944 by a woman named Wanda Burns who worked in an airplane hangar during World War II. As anyone can imagine, her skin was ravaged, so she decided to create her own at-home moisturizer. Fast-forward 65 years, and her daughter decided to pump some life into her mom's recipe (a blend of evening primrose, jojoba, and monoi oils just to name a few) and put it on the market. Each of the products can be used separately, but if you use the entire line on a regular basis, your skin will radiate. Start by exfoliating with the dry body brush (a bit abrasive, so depending on sensitivity levels, don't use it every day), hop in the shower and lather up with the body wash, follow it up with the sugar scrub, and once you're out, rub down with the body lotion. Yes, it seems a bit extensive and time consuming, but trust us, even your elbows and kneecaps will feel like a baby's butt. See the rest of the line below.

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