Beyoncé Is Slowly Shedding Her Stage Clothes


Last night, Beyoncé performed at the MTV Europe Music Awards in a new stage costume. Gone are the perplexingly thick gold tights and sparkly sculpted leotards, a combination that seems modest by comparison her new stage gear: a red leotard that restrains her bosom only by way of a scrap of drugstore panty hose, with matching red garters and sheer thigh-highs. Her lady backup dancers enjoyed the warmth of tops (not pants, of course), while her dude backup dancers wore entire suits! (And then, judging by photos, proceeded to claw at her exposed thigh skin.) Beyoncé seems to be gradually wearing less and less clothing onstage. It's like she's on a downward spiral of nakedness. Maybe she's fully embracing spring 2010's lingerie trend. Or maybe this is the influence of her new diva bestie Lady Gaga, a woman who, mind you, goes onstage and walks around town in lace body stockings, with only an occasional bra. However, there are signs of Beyoncé staying true to her fashion self.

She wore an actual dress by David Koma for the awards ceremony. (Koma is one of our favorite rising-star designers; you may remember how fantastic one of his dresses looked in the September issue of V.) So she left the half-nakedness to the stage. When she starts walking around airports in mesh corsets and lamé panties with latex over her face, bumping into walls and things, an intervention might be necessary.