Emanuel Ungaro Thinks Lindsay Lohan Is Robbing His Label of Its Soul


Like much of the fashion press, Emanuel Ungaro himself has labeled Lindsay Lohan's debut at the house he founded a "disaster." He told reporters this week at a film festival in Lisbon, "I am furious but I can't do anything about it." Ungaro has had no contact with the house since he left in 2005, and the label is now owned by an American investment company. The AFP reports:

Ungaro said he regretted that the fashion house he started "is in the process of losing its soul."

"That happens to a lot of designers. We were the creators and patrons, responsible for the creation and destiny of our houses. But when we gave up our houses, we gave up our souls."

So, Lindsay is like a fashion succubus.

Meanwhile, rumors are still circulating about the label not paying Lindsay and possibly dismissing her after one season, "because she has been talking to the press and making up excuses." Yeah, we can see how her saying words to reporters wouldn't play out well.

Lindsay Lohan tie up with Ungaro 'a disaster' [AFP]