Gemma Ward Is Done with Modeling


Gemma Ward's agent has announced that the Australian beauty has no plans to return to her modeling career. Largely absent from the fashion scene following the death of Heath Ledger, to whom she was romantically tied, Ward has come under fire for gaining weight. God forbid she indulge in more than a celery stick. Last week blogger Bryanboy posted photos of Ward walking around New York looking healthy rather than thin and sickly. He lamented her retirement, adding, "She's a very beautiful woman and I think she could make a name for herself in the plus-size niche." Which is kind of screwy given that she looks normal, and the fashion industry considers that "plus-size." Commenters had both supportive and horribly mean things to say. But no matter what she does, who cares if she's not a size nothing anymore? Why does she have to take heat for being normal? Besides, if she doesn't want to model, reality television is where it's at these days. As long as she doesn't go on HSN and try to sell a ladybug-inspired jewelry line. Too many models do that sort of thing.

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