Glamour to Feature More Plus-Size Models, But With Clothes


Michelle Obama appears on one of five December covers of Glamour, and even sent her regards via video at the magazine’s big Women of the Year awards gala at Carnegie Hall last night. So did Glamour style her for the photo shoot, or did the fashion-forward Michelle Obama insist on choosing her own clothing? Editor Cindi Leive laughed when we asked at the post-awards dinner and said the clothes were all Michelle. "The lucky thing is, she’s pretty good at picking out clothes from her own closet," Leive told us. Leive says Obama knew it was a holiday cover celebrating women of achievement, and that she is savvy enough to pick something camera-appropriate. “This was not a jeans and tank top moment, but beyond that, she chose something that she thought would work for the occasion, and she was, I think, a thousand percent right,” she said. Fashion risk-taker Rihanna, who appears on another of Glamour’s December covers (there are five), also had plenty of input on her shoot. “I don’t think anyone tells Rihanna what to wear,” Leive said.

Leive also said Glamour has stuck to its commitment to feature more realistically sized models. "We’ve shot stories for every issue from now through February using fabulous plus-size models, and not just in our feature shoots, but also in fashion and beauty," she said. “One of the plus-size models who was featured in our original story is in one of our two major fashion features in December, and looks amazing,” she added. So going forward, the models are finally clothed, Leive told us. "It only seemed fair, much to my husband’s chagrin."

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