Guess How Much the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Cost?


If this past Fashion Week didn't teach you that trying not to be extravagant out of respect for the economic climate and the hardships induced on much of the population is a thing of the past, the Victoria's Secret fashion show is here to remind you! The show, which taped last Thursday in New York, included 35 models along with host Heidi Klum, 1,034 guests, and one $3 million Harlequin Fantasy Bra worn on the runway by Miranda Kerr. Designed by Damiani, it includes more than 2,300 diamonds in various shades. The total cost for the whole affair? About $10 million (not including the bling bra, presumably). But to be fair, they do two tapings.

If you didn't attend either taping or the after-party and were not one of the 100 million people let backstage to fawn over the naked women getting their makeup done, don't worry, because you can still be part of this annual parade of winged bras: The voting hasn't closed in the Victoria's Secret Model Search. Finalists Kylie Bisutti and Jamie Lee Darley both walked in the show, but Victoria's Secret will cut the loser out when it airs on CBS on December 1. The people get to pick the winner, so vote here, because it's a slow week and you probably need things to do anyway. We're pulling for Kylie, only because she is still updating her MySpace page, which is a pretty special thing nowadays.

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