Courtney Love Recalls the Time Anna Wintour Snubbed Her


Last night at the Eighth Annual Benefit for the Elton John Foundation, we asked Courtney Love if she had hung out with Sharon Stone yet. "I have a really good story about her," she said. "So we were outside the Ritz, years ago, and she sees Anna Wintour standing with me — she's been on the cover lots more than me. So I said, 'Anna, would you like a card?' She ignored me, turned away." She paused to motion Anna Wintour turning her head away. "So Sharon says" — here Love raised her voice — "Anna, would you like a CARD?'" She motioned Anna turning away, again. "So [Sharon Stone] blows up and says: 'I DO MORE IN A YEAR THAN YOU DO IN TEN! I'M MORE INVOLVED IN FASHION THAN YOU EVER FUCKING WILL BE IN YOUR LIFE!'" Read more from this interview on Vulture.