Courtney Love Recalls the Time Anna Wintour Snubbed Her

Photo: Getty Images

Last night at the Eighth Annual Benefit for the Elton John Foundation, we asked Courtney Love if she had hung out with Sharon Stone yet. "I have a really good story about her," she said. "So we were outside the Ritz, years ago, and she sees Anna Wintour standing with me — she's been on the cover lots more than me. So I said, 'Anna, would you like a card?' She ignored me, turned away." She paused to motion Anna Wintour turning her head away. "So Sharon says" — here Love raised her voice — "Anna, would you like a CARD?'" She motioned Anna turning away, again. "So [Sharon Stone] blows up and says: 'I DO MORE IN A YEAR THAN YOU DO IN TEN! I'M MORE INVOLVED IN FASHION THAN YOU EVER FUCKING WILL BE IN YOUR LIFE!'" Read more from this interview on Vulture.