Project Runway: Obvious Winner Creates No Drama, Results in No Fun

Episode Title
Finale (Part 2)

No real surprises here, folks. Irina takes the crown, as we knew she would, which is preceded by a dramaless finale, the highlight of which is a Tim freakout the likes of which we’ve never seen. We learn that Michael Kors is one of those people who wear sunglasses indoors, Nina has emotions, and Heidi calls her dad “Papa.” But first things first: When we start out, Carol Hannah is still feeling horrible and nauseated, which even melts the heart of stone-cold Irina (just a little). At least she gets a big hug from Logan to make her feel better. At the hair and makeup consultation, Carol Hannah wants soft and pretty, while Irina and Althea both want dark smudge. Tim points out that their beauty schemes are basically the same, and Irina again accuses Althea of copying her (while she seems to be completely fine with copying us!). We watched the episode with our mom, and were treated to some over-55-year-old gems. “She is just a witch,” she said of Irina (Mom doesn’t curse). Tim, meanwhile, calls it a “make-it-work moment.” The morning of the runway show, the designers have to get up at 3:30 a.m. to prep their collections. The show is running behind schedule, and in the most amusing moment of the night, Tim has a hissy. “I am about to lose it!” he yells, running around like a lunatic attempting to hurry everyone the eff up. It finally all comes together as the tent fills up. Althea introduces her collection first — “I’m showing you a piece of my soul,” she says, mentioning she was inspired by sci-fi movies from the fifties and sixties (where’s Ra’mon when you need him?). Carol Hannah calls her show “near and dear to my heart,” and then Irina comes out and says her collection is “what it takes to survive in the city as a woman!” Really? All we need is a big sweater with sleeves that are twice as long as our arms? Interesting. “Just ’cause you don’t like Irina, doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of people supporting her,” says our mom, wisely. And it’s true, she gets the win. So let’s see how the designers did, shall we?