Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘It’ Helmets Are Finally for Sale in Stores


For his fall 2009 namesake collection, Karl Lagerfeld created what are probably the most fabulous scooter helmets of all time, which came encrusted with pearls and covered in mink. When they debuted, it was unknown when or even if the works of helmet art — complete with iPod hookups and everything — would make it to stores. But at long last, they are in stores, just in time for holiday shopping! Les Ateliers Ruby made only twelve of the couture helmets, which Karl created with the chicest of scooter-riding ladies in mind. Find them at Colette in Paris, of course, and at other specialty retailers, for just $1,805 to $6,837. Think of the value in not having to worry about helmet hair once you arrive at your destination, since you can't exactly roll up to the bar and casually set the helmet down somewhere. But you'll also probably want to wear it so you can turn up the music and drown out everyone less fabulous who tries to communicate with you.

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