Lady Gaga and Rachel Zoe Have the Same Taste


Last night Lady Gaga ran around London in a black lace body stocking not unlike the red lace body stocking she wore for her performance at the Marc Jacobs after-party during Fashion Week — except this time she wore a bra and kept her nipples to herself. She carried what looks like an awesome studded leather motorcycle jacket. Ironically, this morning's Zoe Report also heralds lace stockings:

When your black tights or leggings are getting snoozy*, swap them out with an unexpected lace option for some added flavor. Wear them with an oversized tunic, combat boots and a big hair bow … you may be a lucky star ;) xoRZ

*Snoozy = Boring

"A big hair bow" — another Gaga trademark (even though Zoe probably means the ribbon kind, but still). Anyway, if you want to be a walking mini-RaGa (maybe that's where the weird opening to "Bad Romance" comes from), Zoe recommends you buy these $110 lace leggings by LNA.

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