Lady Gaga Doesn’t Like to Show Her Eyes, and Neither Does Perez Hilton

Photo: Getty Images

The New Yorker has an interesting look into the very complicated world of Lady Gaga's clothing. Last week she performed in L.A. at a benefit for the financially troubled Museum of Contemporary Art, wearing a hat designed by Frank Gehry, at the behest of Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli. Ultimately, none other than Prada made Gehry's sketch a reality. Gehry explains:

"Since I’ve never designed a hat before, I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to walk,” he said. “I did have an idea that involved people with sticks holding it up, walking behind her. I didn’t know how far I could go with this thing.”

In the end, Gaga wore the hat differently from its original incarnation — folded in on itself — because, as Gehry explains, "She has a thing about showing her eyes — she doesn’t like to — so she closed it up." It seems her self-proclaimed No. 1 fan, Perez Hilton — who often accompanies her to parties and events and isn't bashful about taking advantage of the free booze available, from what we've seen — takes after her in this regard.

“The public persona of me is so different from who I really am,” he said, gesturing at his ensemble. “I wouldn’t wear this, Perez would wear this. I don’t wear sunglasses inside, Perez does. This is acting! It’s also good because if I see Rachel Zoe or someone I don’t want to look at I don’t have to make eye contact.” He paused, and took a swig of red wine. “She’s here.”

Later, he introduced Gaga to Pharrell Williams. Evidently, theirs is a two-way relationship.

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