Lauren Santo Domingo: Vogue Has Pizza and Cupcake Parties


When we ran into Vogue contributing editor Lauren Santo Domingo at the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering fall gala last night, she conveniently sidestepped the issue of how or even whether the staff acknowledged Anna Wintour’s 60th birthday at the office this week. “She’s in Washington right now being anointed. She’s being knighted by President Obama — I think that’s a pretty good 60th-birthday present,” Santo Domingo said, referring to Anna's recent appointment to the White House Committee on the Arts and Humanities. So, they don’t mortify people on their birthdays with cake and singing at the Vogue offices? “They do for us — we have pizza parties and cupcake parties,” she said. So apparently they don’t ignore birthdays at Vogue, it’s just that the employees wouldn’t barge in on Anna with a cake lit with 60 candles.

While Santo Domingo says she personally didn’t run into the McKinsey consultants at Condé Nast, the rumors about their hotness was apparently true. “Actually, the big joke was that Grace [Coddington] would want to put one of them in her next fashion spread, like she did with the cameraman from The September Issue. And the joke was if we would see any of the McKinsey analysts in the March issue.” She wouldn't reveal if one of them actually made it in.