Liu Wen Is the First Asian Model Confirmed for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


The Victoria's Secret fashion show walks November 19, and the model lineup is coming together. While the model-search finalists try to best each other at walking a straight line and wearing underwear in their Internet reality show for a spot on that runway, actual working models are filling the remaining slots. Modelinia reports that Liu Wen is the first Asian model to take part in the Victoria's Secret show, which is a pretty amazing statistic. Karolina Kurkova won't walk this year since she just had a baby. Adriana Lima will also sit out since she's still pregnant. And as previously reported, Heidi Klum will host the show instead of walk the runway since she just had a baby and hasn't had enough time to get her lady lumps back in the right places. Chanel Iman, a new Angel, will walk for the first time. She was a good choice for the company — she doesn't want babies! First she has to learn to take care of her dog.

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