Louis Vuitton President Comes ThisClose to Confirming Lara Stone for the Spring Campaign

Daniel Lalonde.

Though Madonna is no longer the face of Louis Vuitton, the label hasn't formally confirmed Lara Stone for the spring 2010 ad campaigns. However, last night at Vuitton's 2010 cruise collection launch, intrepid party reporter Tina Peng prodded Daniel Lalonde, the label's president and CEO, for more information. Their exchange:

Madonna's not doing your campaign anymore — can you tell us a little about that decision?
Well, as you know, Madonna worked with us for two campaigns. We have a tendency to always change the person responsible, the ambassador for each campaign. So it's a very natural, organic thing for us.

And can you tell us why you decided on Lara Stone?
I think she's very fresh and someone who embodies a lot of the values of the brand, and a lot of talent and a lot of beauty. I think it makes a lot of sense for the fashion part of our campaign, in addition to working on another part, which is the core values part of our campaign, with the astronaut, Sean Connery, that whole side. I think it balances really the duality of Louis Vuitton, being based in travel and fashion at the same time.

So it sounds like Lara for Vuitton for spring is pretty much a done deal.