Louis Vuitton’s Man Pants Are Not Made for Fencers


In June, Olympic fencer Jason Rogers was flown to Paris to walk the Louis Vuitton men's show. He was fitted in New York before traveling over there, but once he got there, was cut from the lineup. "The day before, I went to the fitting and they couldn’t fit my legs into the pants," Rogers told us last night at the Cinema Society and Calvin Klein screening of Broken Embraces. "Athletes have strong legs, right? So I guess their suits were particularly slim that season, so I couldn’t fit into anything in the show, so I ended up not walking." But didn't they fit the pants in New York? "Well, I didn’t fit the pants at the fitting, so I think they were taking the risk that I would fit the clothes once they got me to Paris and they had more choices," Rogers explained. "But they didn’t bet on the, uh, serious muscularity of the fencers’ legs." He added that fencers are very skinny on top but very muscular on bottom. "I have like 5 percent body fat." He sat front-row and watched the show instead. Rogers is currently signed with Wilhemina and looking for more modeling work.