Marc Jacobs: Louis Vuitton Customers Are ‘Almost Crazy’


Marc Jacobs spoke to the London Times about why Louis Vuitton is doing so well in the recession. Well, magic, obviously. Demystifying the brand's power wasn't easy for Jacobs. He tells the paper:

It took me years to work out what was so special about Vuitton. But when you go to the workshops outside Paris and see how everything is crafted, it is pretty impressive. Added to that, it’s easily identifiable and I guess human instinct is to want to be part of an exclusive club that’s also highly recognisable.

But magic only works on a certain person — an "almost crazy" cult-following person.

In terms of what’s selling at Louis Vuitton, the recession hasn’t changed anything. I’ve cut back, because my partner Lorenzo and I are buying a house in the West Village in New York. And obviously there are a lot of people suffering out there, but our sales are up and I haven’t noticed that people’s tastes have got more subdued. They may be buying less, but if anything, they want it to be even more special. There’s this huge cult following of almost crazy people at Vuitton who just want whatever they buy to be exclusive. The charity angle also means that people feel more comfortable about spending openly.

He forgot one thing: "almost crazy" rich people want their four-figure bags to be exclusive. But exclusive to the cult, because many of these people carry around the same bags.

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