M.C. Hammer Is Distancing Himself From Harem Pants


"To be honest, they are not my favorite," Anna Wintour says of harem pants in The Wall Street Journal. She's not the only one who won't be seen in them. M.C Hammer, né Stanley Burrell, who brought them back in the eighties to much fanfare, won't even talk about them.

Mr. Burrell declined to comment. His publicist said he's trying to redefine himself as a social-media expert, and, as such, is distancing himself from the pants.

However, despite Mr. Burrell and Anna's denouncement of the pants, they are catching on. Even though they're awkward and make most people look like they are hiding vegetables in their bottoms. They were all over the spring 2010 runways and are seen in increasing concentration on the streets of New York.

There are two kinds of harem-pant wearers. Serious Harem People, like Maggie Betts, who wore a $400 silk pair to a fancy family dinner:

"I feel like I look very chic in my harem pants," says Ms. Betts, 34 years old, of one of this fall's hottest fashion trends. "Anybody who makes fun of me doesn't know the truth and is a loser."

And Attention Whore Harem People, who get sick thrills out of looking absurd.

Jennifer Eddy, 33, says her friends find the look to be horrifying. Regardless, the Los Angeles-based film director's assistant can't wait to buy a pair. Ms. Eddy, who likes the fact that they are different from anything she already has in her closet, says her friends' insults "just put more fuel in my fire."

So if you are tired of these ridiculous pants, do not pay attention to people in them. Hold your head high and walk by these self-absorbed hooligans with a steely gaze fixed straight in front of you. Do not give them the satisfaction of gawking. Or, wear giant sunglasses, stare, and allow, without facial expression, those wonderfully entertaining judgmental thoughts to flow through your brain.

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