Miss J Reveals His Secret Other Life


You'd think after thirteen seasons of America's Next Top Model, any regulars on the show couldn't possibly have kept any information about themselves from the public. Not only because of each character's self-obsessed ways, but also because, how much is there to know? Miss J, perhaps the most storied of the bunch, has revealed the last of his secrets in a book hitting shelves today. In Follow the Model, his memoir of sorts that he discussed on Tyra Banks's talk show yesterday, he reveals he has a kid. Us Weekly reports:

The former model said he and his ex-boyfriend Alex — whom he dubbed "the doctor" — were both sperm donors.

"A French lesbian had asked if we would be sperm donors," he told Banks. "So we thought, 'OK, you want me to do you?' And she was like, 'Ooooh, I'm not that talented.' So I said, 'Okay fine.' So we did a little test tube."

Miss J's ex is the biological father, but Miss Jay is still a part of Boris's life.

He said his son is "an incredibly smart child. He was toilet-trained at a year and three months. He refuses to drink out of plastic and will use only glass."

..."He insists on wearing nice shoes," he writes. "I think somehow my fashion genes must have slipped in there."

Solid parenting. The worst thing for a baby is to be seen out of doors in a stroller wearing Crocs and drinking from a sippy cup. This young lad is probably seen regularly lounging along the Seine with a crystal flute of Prosecco and the finest baby Loubs.

Exclusive: Top Model's "Miss J" Reveals: "I'm a Dad!" [Us]