Oscar Short List Picks Vanity Fair Over Vogue


So the Oscar short list for documentaries was announced this week, and on the rather long list (fifteen films!) was Valentino The Last Emperor. Cheers for a fashion flick and VaVa's five pugs! But whither The September Issue? Surely one of the most engrossing films of the year is worthy of a nod? The Vogue flick has earned, so far, $3,747,341 in theaters, and is still playing. Valentino made roughly half that, with just $1,755,134. It stands to reason that more people saw Anna's movie. Populism, we all know, is rarely a reason to win an Oscar. But! Is this a case of Vanity Fair triumphing over Vogue? Valentino was helmed by Matt Tyrnauer, a correspondent for VF. Is an invite to Graydon's Oscar party so coveted that the Academy is willing to snub Anna? Oh, to be a fly on Condé's elevator wall ... [Official site]